What I’ve Learned At the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference – Day 1

First and foremost, I should really walk a lot more – especially before coming to these things.  And that I’m 20 years older than I was when I lived in Chicago and 10 city blocks are a lot longer than they used to be.  But I digress . . . 

In no particular order:

  • “Data isn’t numbers; its information” – Peter Drury
  • “Organizational IQ – how much do your donors know abou your org?  Most donors have low Oranizational IQ.” – Jim Shapiro
  • If you get the chance to hear Peter Drury or Jim Shapiro speak – run, do not walk.  But build stamina first and wear comfy shoes for the walking/running bit. #rookiemistake
  • “You have to be sold out – to you BENEFICIARIES, your cause and your donors.” – Jim Shapiro again
  • I want to be a sell out.
  • Harvey McKinnon is as good in person as his books make you think he will be
  • “Organizational Narcicism is the enemy of good fundraising.”  – Harvey McKinnon. 
  • “Our donors want to be in the huddle, not on the sidelines cheering.” – Beth Ann Locke
  • There are powerful stories out there and I’ve met hundreds of people who are out solving major problems every day.
  • Fundraising in the arts is hard. 
  • There is NO one size fits all approach to fundraising.  Everyone’s story is different and all are worth telling well.
  • There are amazing people in this profession
  • Believe the hype about the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference – it’s as good as you’ve heard
  • Harrison Ford was here
  • Chicago is still an amazing city.
  • When you’re feeling a bit hopeless, being surrounded by 600 fellow fundraisers is the BEST place to be. 

And there’s far more than could be fit in a blog and still be ready for Day 2 tomorrow.

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  1. Leenda on November 12, 2016 at 4:00 am

    LOVE this. Wish I was there!

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