Solutions - Tactics + Strategy

Where do you need to be?

Let's face it, every nonprofit needs needs more donors and more dollars.  But your unique situation means means you need a customized solution.  

A solution that starts where you are now and gets you where you want - and need  - to be!

It's about getting all parts working together . . .

The most compelling fundraising message is going to fall flat if it's sent to the wrong audience.  All the wealth intelligence in the world won't yield the results you need without a solid plan to use it.  The fanciest CRM with all the whistles and bells is a pretty expensive paperweight without strong & accurate data.

We can fix all of that . . . and more!  Clean the data, sharpen the communications, maximize the database, set the plan/work the plan.  

Get the whole interconnected, inter-related fundraising system working to produce the results you need and that your beneficiaries deserve.

"But, hey, I just need a {fill in the blank}!"

Sure!  Sometimes you do just need an audit, a wealth screening, a letter written.  Take a look below and see the various services we can work on together, or reach out and let's figure out how best we can get your fundraising the best it's ever been.


Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics


With over 25 years of experience in crafting compelling, actionable collateral, we can tackle all your written-word needs from social media posts to fully developed case statements.

  • Direct Mail Appeals
  • Communications Audit
  • Thank You Letters
  • Recurring Comms
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Communications Plans
  • Case Statements
  • Case-for-Support
  • Campaign Collateral
  • Storytelling development
  • Brochures
  • Backgrounders
  • Grants and Proposals

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics


 We know that good data is the basis of all good fundraising. If your data is in terrible shape or just needs a little TLC, we can help create a data-informed approach to all your infrastructure needs. 

  • Database Audit
  • Prospect Research
  • Donor Profiles
  • Wealth Screening
  • Data Cleaning/Hygiene
  • Offsite Data Entry
  • Database Management
  • Reporting & Metrics
  • Campaign analysis
  • Ongoing Reporting
  • Database Migration
  • CRM Utilization Analysis 
  • CRM recommendations

Strategic Planning

Data and Analytics

Strategic Planning


 No fundraising succeeds without a plan.  The development of a strategy and fundraising plan is critical to the long-term success of your program.  You have to know where you're going to get where you need to be. 


  • Fundraising Planning
  • Board Training
  • Staff Training
  • Coaching 
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Campaign Management
  • Fundraising Audit
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Ask Strategies

Interim Staffing Services


Short staffed?  Searching for new Development or Communications team members?  Recruiting a new Chief Development Officer and need someone to hold it together while you search?  Just need an extra set of hands?  We can be your temporary staff for a day, a week, a month or however long you need!

Speaking & Training

 Clay is a certified AFP Master Trainer and holds a Master's of Fine Arts degree in performance.  He is a dynamic, engaging speaker and has presented at the AFP International Conference, the APRA (Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement) conference, AFP chapters all over the country and many workshops, board and staff training sessions.  He has a particular knack for presenting data and research concepts in a fun, engaging way ("Data for the Data Allergic") and is always thrilled to help develop customized content for your training and presentation needs.