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Campaign Gift Chart

The campaign gift chart provides a customizable, pre-programmed campaign chart to determine how many donors you will need at how many levels to achieve a fundraising goal.  Customizable for any size campaign goal, the campaign gift chart will provide a roadmap to assist your fundraising planning in identifying the number of donors and how many gifts required for a well-balanced, diversified fundraising strategy.

Fundraising Communications Timeline

The Fundraising Communications Timeline provides a customizable chart to identify what communications occur, when they occur, who is responsible for them and status update.  This is a dynamic document to help manage all fundraising and communications efforts in one easy-to-use tracking document.

Stewardship Calendar

The Stewardship Calendar is a simple, at-a-glance tracking tool to map out what communications occur and when.  It will give a high level view of mapping communications to different constituencies to plan out your entire year of stewardship activities.

The Fundraising Plan

The Fundraising Plan is your master fundraising planning document, providing a template to plan each area of fundraising, the activities associated with it, planned and realized revenue, and regular updates and ongoing notes.  This document can serve as both an internal team tracking tool and an accountability tracker to share with leadership and stakeholders.

Donor Stewardship Journey

The Donor Stewardship Journey presents an ideal, perfect-world scenario of planning a donor journey from the time of gift to renewal.  The template includes all possible touchpoints and ideas for activities and allows you to customize it to your specific needs and resources.