Real-World Tactics Driving Really Powerful Results

Have you ever gotten fundraising advice that tells what you should do, but leaves you questioning how to do it?  

You already know you need to raise more money, find new donors, have better quality data, get acknowledgements & receipts out more quickly . . . whatever your opportunity is, you're left to figure out how to do it and, more importantly, how to make it work in your unique situation. 

Welcome to "You-Sized" Fundraising Counsel

Tactical Fundraising Solutions helps you discover untapped potential in your database, identify new donors and prospects, craft a foolproof fundraising plan and raise money more effectively and more efficiently.  

All while tailoring a solution specific to your needs and goals.

Systems-Thinking, Data-Informed Approach

Together, we look at who you are as a nonprofit - and who your donors are - to get you out of the weeds and into doing what brought you into this work in the first place - helping your donors change the world. 

Who is Tactical Fundraising Solutions?

T. Clay Buck, CFRE - a twenty-five-year fundraising veteran - is the founder and chief consultant.  He's worked as both a front line fundraiser at several nonprofits and as a consultant with major national firms.  

He also tweets a lot at @TClayBuck.